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The College


The TCAT – Livingston is located at:

740 Hi Tech Drive, Livingston, TN 38570.

The four buildings on campus house classrooms, labs, offices, and support services for full-time, part-time, secondary, supplemental, special industry, and public programs.


Extension Campus:

Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Livingston Cookeville Higher Education Campus

1000 Neal Street
Cookeville, TN 38501


Instructional Service Center:

Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Livingston - Jackson County Instructional Service Center

255 Blue Devil Lane
Gainesboro, TN 38562

Campus History

A statewide system of State Area Vocational- Technical Schools was established by the enactment of the state Legislature during the 1963 General Assembly to be operated by the Tennessee State Board of Education.

The contract for the first building was awarded in February 1964, and ultimately, 26 of these schools were built in order to offer occupational training to as many Tennessee citizens as possible. All schools were to have modern facilities, flexible plans of operation, and competent instructors selected from the field of work in which they teach.

The LIVINGSTON STATE AREA VOCATIONAL ­TECHNICAL SCHOOL was the tenth of the 26 schools to be built and the first classes began in September 1966. The first graduates received their diplomas in December 1967.

The site selected for the school was a 15-acre plot on Airport Road just outside (at the time) of Livingston. The land was deeded to the State of Tennessee by Overton County. Construction of the buildings cost approximately $310,000 and the equipment cost around $500,000.

Livingston was chosen as the site for the school because of its central location in the area it was to serve (Overton, Clay, Fentress, Pickett, Putnam and Jackson counties.)

In  1976,  a  building  was  constructed  at  the  school  to accommodate the High School Comprehensive Vocational programs for Overton and Pickett County  students.  Due to the travel time involved from Pickett County, this proved to be impossible for those students until1996, when a new highway was completed between the two counties.

The  school  was  governed  by  the  Tennessee  Department of Education from its opening until 1983 when  it was assigned to the  Tennessee Board of Regents as an institution of higher education. In July of 1994,the name was changed to “Tennessee Technology Center at Livingston.”

On July 1, 2013, the name was changed to The Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Livingston.

The name change more accurately reflects the post-secondary training provided to students in our service area.  The Tennessee Technology Centers have always been higher education institutions, offering post-secondary programs for workforce preparation. But the previous “center” title was often misunderstood.

The name change was made possible through legislation introduced by representative Harry Brooks and Senator Jim Tracy and signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam.